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Winter Activities

Western Newfoundland and more specifically Marblewood Village Resort is paradise for anyone into winter outdoor activities as Marblewood is located right next to Marble Mountain ski hill where you’ll find some of the best skiing east of the Rockies in Canada. The fun doesn’t stop there as Western Newfoundland offers many other exhilerating winter activities! Call today.

Skiing At Marble Mountain Ski Resort

Marble Mountain Ski Resort is known to have some of the best skiing east of the Rockies with an average of 5 m (16 ft) of snow each year, compared to Mont Tremblant’s 3.65 m (12 ft). The resort was a key venue for the 1999 Canada Winter Games hosted by Corner Brook. Marble Mountain also boasts the only detachable high speed quad lift in Atlantic Canada – the Governor’s Express. It is 1,660 m (5,446 ft) in length and has a ride time of approximately 8 minutes. At the end of the lift the fun really begins!Book your Marble Mountain Ski Vacation today.
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Snowmobiling in Western Newfoundland

Marblewood is Western Newfoundland’s Premier Snowmobile Resort Destination!
Unload sleds in our large, private parking lot and drive right up to your condo door. In the morning gas up at the gas station next door and grab a coffee at Tim Horton’s. From there jump right onto the NLSF groomed trail network at the base of Marble Mountain and head to Lewis Hills, North Arm Hills or ‘The Gorge’. Upon your return after an exhilarating day of riding relax in your large, comfortable condo with fully self contained kitchen and living room area. Corner Brook is just 5 mins away for those in the mood to take in the night life……your adventure awaits.
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Marble Zip Tours

Marble Zip Tours (MZT) is incomparable to any other adventure tour – especially in Winter! Its characteristics satisfy a diverse range of interests. MZT is designed to provide a one of a kind experience with thrill, excitement, and adventure, in an environmentally friendly manner that can be enjoyed by all ages, from eight to eighty.
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