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Summer Activities

The Steady Brook/Humber Valley area is not just a winter tourism destination but a year round outdoor activity destination. Summer activities include hiking on the trails onsite and around the property, boating and rafting on the nearby Humber River,
mountain biking around Marble Mountain, as well as world class salmon and trout fishing.

Ocean Fishing

Take an adventure in the beautiful Bay of Islands while fishing for cod, mackerel, perch and more! Our licensed guides will take you on some of the richest fishing grounds on the West Coast.  Visit Brake’s Cove, a resettled community and a French Canon Ball practice site.  A day of sightseeing and adventure awaits!  Previous tours have enjoyed an experience like no other, including whales, bald eagles and osprey nest sites.

 Contact Four Seasons Tours to book your ocean adventure today at or 709 688 2125

River Rafting on the Humber River

Raft the Humber River and relax with experienced local guides. Gentle rafting with Roam the Rock is the perfect friend or family experience for people of all ages. Paddle, learn history, geology and geography in nature’s classroom!

Contact Roam the Rock to book your rafting adventure today at 709 638 3167


The Corner Brook area offers magnificent underground cave networks waiting to be explored. Discover another world in the Corner Brook Caves. Let experienced guides guide you through your adventures and learn about the fascinating geology and history of these amazing caverns.

Contact Roam the Rock to book your rafting adventure today at 709 638 3167

Marble Zip Tours

Marble Zip Tours (MZT) is incomparable to any other adventure tour – especially in Winter! Its characteristics satisfy a diverse range of interests. MZT is designed to provide a one of a kind experience with thrill, excitement, and adventure, in an environmentally friendly manner that can be enjoyed by all ages, from eight to eighty.

Book your Zip Tour today at

Salmon Fishing on the Humber River

Stay at Marblewood Village Resort and experience some of the most thrilling salmon fishing anywhere. Our location on the lower Humber River in Steady Brook is ideal for easy access to some of the best and most challenging Atlantic Salmon and trout angling you’ll find anywhere. The pools of the lower Humber River are where our expert guides will take you and maximize your chances to reel in a trophy Atlantic Salmon.

Contact Four Seasons Tours to book your ocean adventure today at or 709 688 2125 

Golfing – Blomidon & Humber Valley Resort

Humber Valley Resort’s 18 hole par 72 championship golf course measures 7,209 yards and is an area of true beauty. Humber Valley’s layout, with gently rolling terrain, generous fairways and undulating greens, gives experienced golfers a welcome challenge and also provides an enjoyable round for novices. Corner Brook’s Blomidon Golf Course also offers an amazing golf experience while enjoying spectacular views of Corner Brook and the Bay of Islands.

Book your tee times by contacting Humber Valley Resort at or Blomidon Golf Course at 709-634-5550.

Boat Tours

Join True North Charter and Tours on a relaxing boat tour around the Bay of Islands and area. While aboard the Pilgrim cruise into a remote wilderness fiord in the outer Bay of Islands and enjoy majestic mountainous scenery while watching for minke and humpback whales, bald eagles and osprey. Listen to some live musical interpretation of Newfoundland as well as narrative interpretation of the resettled villages and Dorset Paleoeskimo site we’ll see along the way.

To book your Western Newfoundland boat tour contact True North Charters and Tours today at

Mountain Biking

Let’s face it – every now and then you need a little recharge when the batteries start getting drained: a chance to renew and replenish. What better way to do it than an active weekend of mountain biking in some of the most spectacular mountain bike terrain in Canada – Humber Valley, Newfoundland. There’s everything from fast, smooth classics, technical challenges – something for every style and skill of mountain biker!

To book your guided bike tour contact Cycle Solutions today at